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Nov 16 2009

The Blurb wedding album

Well it took only a week and the book arrived at the customer’s front door.
She is very pleased with the product and the quality of the paper, cover and the dust jacket.

Ann Marie & her book

Ann Marie & her book

I was very pleased that we were able to build her a book even from photos captured with their consumer grade pint and shoot cameras.
The images held up very well so I am really looking forward to building a book with high quality images from my new D3.

The whole process was easy and the quality is very good.  I was so impressed with the product from consumer grade camera photos that I am going to be taking photos from my whole family “I’m the oldest of eight kids and there are 15 grand kids” and creating a year in review for my folks for Christmas.

I will let you know how it all turned out.

Thanks to Blurb I am an official book publisher….  Ok well maybe just a book creator but so can you too.

Have fun with your images.

Mickey Strand

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Oct 30 2009

Books by Blurb

I have a friend who had a few hundred photos from their wedding and his wife wanted to put together a photo album of all these photos.  While visiting with them I suggested we use the book making software from Blurb at 

blurb_logo_small Blurb BookSmart® is free, easy to use bookmaking software. Quickly import pictures and text into professionally designed book templates and page layouts — or drag and drop your content into fully customizable pages and layouts for a look that’s all your own.

I suggested this software for its easy of use and cost to the wife.  I had played whit the software in making a book for my Mom and Dads 40th wedding anniversary but had not completed a weeding album.   Only wanting to make one book,  the book we put together will cost them less then $100 dollars for a 40 page 13×13 hard bound dust jacketed book.

From the Blurb web site:

Features Overview

Free and Easy to Use Software
  • Cross-platform
  • Drag and drop images and text
  • Intuitive layout tools
  • Easy image management
Professionally Designed Layouts and Styles
  • “Guide Me” feature to help get you going
  • Starter layouts and themes
  • Backgrounds, borders and ornaments
  • Customizable, savable layouts

Import Photos, Blogs and More
  • Slurp your photos
  • Slurp your blog
  • iPhoto integration

Other Blurb web Site Resources

Getting Started with BookSmart 2.5

His wife and I put the basic book together “including screening all images down” placing images in and editing pages” in just over 4 hours.  I don’t remember clearly the last time I was able to crank a wedding album out in 4 hours.  The only thing we have left to do is to add a few chunks of text “the vows, etc…” and publish or upload and pay for the book.

I will update this post after we have complete the task and the book is in her hands, but as of today I’m sold.

For printing a single or limited number of books on a budget you have my vote Blurb.

Chief Mickey

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Jul 08 2009

The World of BLURB!!!!!!

Blurb – New 12″x12″ Size

Blurb books now come in 6 different sizes. Hard or softcover. Standard or premium paper. You’ve got options.

Blurb book previews (the ones visitors can see when they visit Blurb) are Google searchable! That’s right, the text in your Blurb book preview will be picked up by Google’s search engines. Wow!

Now you can use your own graphics layout software to design books and print them on Blurb. Or, you can have someone do this for you. The point is you don’t have to use Blurb’s BookSmart software to make Blurb books anymore. Of course, your designs need to fit standard Blurb book sizes. But after that … the sky is the limit.

Blurb’s easy to use book design software (free online) has been updated.

It’s faster, easier, and more customizable.

Find out more and download the free BookSmart 2.0 here.

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