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Apr 26 2009

Vincent Versace Focus on Nature Interview

Focus on Nature interview with Vincent Versace.
By Einar Erlendsson
Q: Last summer you landed on Iceland for the first time and you are prepared to come again?

A: Better prepared, I think. I know what to expect. I’m also coming with a Nikon D3X

Q: What are you most looking forward to seeing in Iceland?

A: Waterfalls, energy and glaciers

Vincent Versace 01
Photo: Vincent Versace, Iceland 2008
Q: Do you see the light in Iceland as being different in some way?

A: the light appears longer, like at the end of the daylight just before sunset. It also seems to be warmer as well.

Q: What in the landscape inspires you?

A:  3:53 PM the vastness of the expanses

Q: Do you feel that the Icelandic workshop is different or has a character you can explain in few words to participants?

A: No people. It’s all about the landscape. You are forced to see the geometrics of the environment rather than relying on the expressions of people

Q: What’s your teaching style?

A: Immersive. I work with voice as well as technique

Vincent Versace 02
Photo: Vincent Versace, Iceland 2008
Q: During field trips, do you set assignments or how do you influence the workshop participants?

A: I build my classes on a class-by-class basis. I work group assignments and tailor them to the group as well as working one on with the participants.

Q: Do you like to include critic sessions in you workshops?

A: Yes

Q: What are your students mostly likely to learn?

A: To see past the obvious, to explore light, gesture color and time and how to capture them. But most importantly how to be taken by a picture rather simply taking the picture.

Q: When the weather gets challenging what are you most likely to do?

A: Ranger on.

Q: What do you like most about teaching?

A: Watching the epiphany light go off in my students and seeing things in new ways

Q: What characteristic do you feel will be of importance for participants to nurture and develop staying with you out in the country during the Iceland workshop, that should last after they return home?

A: The ability to stop taking pictures but rather to be taken by pictures

Vincent Versace 03

Photo: Vincent Versace, Iceland 2008
Q: How would you describe your photographic approach?

A: I believe that one travels in a circle but does it in a straight line when creating an image. The more you understand about the middle, post processing or what can be done to an image the more informed the decision are at the beginning, when you capture the photograph because you are always in service of the end, the print and the print? It’s inservice of your voice, what you saw at the beginning.

Q: How would you characterize your visual style?

A: I tell the truth and see the pretty.

Q: Do you have a personal concept or future project in mind before you travel to a place like Iceland?

A: There is a short story by Orson Scott Card called “Unaccompanied Sonata” that would best describe my feeling. The bottom line is I show up with no preconceptions and let the place take me were it takes me.

Q: Does it make the difference to have been in Iceland last summer, and if so, what?

A: I’m more excited to return.

Thank you Vincent Versace for taking your time.

Einar Erlendsson,
Project Manager

About Vincent´s workshop:

Vincet’s Vorkshop abstract

Turn ideas into reality

About Vincent Versace:

Computerworld Smithsonian Award Laureate
Innovation: Media Arts and Entertainment

Author: Welcome to Oz: A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with Photoshop

“Best how to book of the year!”
Shutterbug Magazine

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Dec 07 2008

ANNOUNCING: Three new tutorial DVDs from John Paul Caponigro and a Discount deal with onOne and NiK software

Posted by Vincent Versace

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Black & White Mastery will unlock the amazing power of digital color for you and your images.

You’ll discover what’s unique about black and white images, identifying a number of unique black and white palettes that will give you a wide range of options for crafting a black and white style that’s best for you and your images.

You’ll learn how to convert color to black and white with ultimate precision and flexibility. You’ll know which methods give you the best result and when to choose a simple or a complex solution. You’ll find out how to adjust the resulting tonal relationships with unprecedented precision. You’ll understand how to adjust your images selectively to further enhance your images. You be able to add color back into your black and white images (subtly or dramatically, uniformly or selectively) to add unique expressive dimensions.

In addition to processing Raw digital files, you’ll also learn how to scan analog originals (film and print). Finally, you’ll learn easy ways to make prints of your black and white digital files either with the latest inkjet technologies or by making digital contact negatives for printing with historic processes.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to see and think about black and white images in new ways which will open up a vast world of visual possibilities for you. Put this new perspective to work for you and your images today.


  • b&w is unique
  • how gray is gray
  • b&w expanding definition
  • unlimited palette
  • b&w signature style
  • b&w seeing in
  • color is b&w – trichromatic separation
  • b&w strategic overview
  • b&w scanning
  • b&w prep for conversion
  • b&w many ways
  • raw
  • b&w adjustment layer
  • dual adjustment layer
  • triple adjustment layer
  • channels as layers
  • simulated infrared
  • b&w global contrast
  • b&w local contrast
  • b&w adding color – multi-tone
  • b&w adding color – curves and overlays
  • b&w adding color – restoring original color
  • b&w adding color – handcoloring
  • b&w inkjet printing – 2 ways
  • b&w film

And much more!

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Posted by Vincent Versace

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  • color r/evolution
  • color is black and white
  • memory
  • optical effects
  • color types
  • successful palettes
  • association
  • side-by-side
  • infinite variations
  • color tool survey
  • editing strategy
  • blend modes
  • selectivity
  • light filled
  • increase and decrease luminosity
  • reduce hue contrast
  • increase hue contrast
  • reduce saturation
  • increase saturation
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Posted by Vincent Versace

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Photoshop Color Tools

Learn how to use the color adjustment tools in Adobe Photoshop CS4 to achieve unprecedented control of your images.

Find out which tools are the go to tools (the ones you¹ll use everyday), which are exotic (the ones for exceptional images), and which are redundant and/or too limited (the ones you can forget about).

Make every adjustment tool more precisely target specific components of color (hue, saturation, and luminosity) using blend modes and easy to use selections / masks that allow you to target specific hues or luminosity values.


  • hsl
  • color management – 6 simple steps
  • monitor histograms
  • editing strategy
  • color tool survey
  • blend modes
  • raw conversion
  • shadows / highlights
  • channel blending
  • levels- b&w points
  • curves
  • high pass contrast
  • selective color
  • saturation & vibrance
  • photofilter & overlays
  • match color
  • b & w adjustment layer
  • select by color range

And much more!

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Nov 01 2008

One Moment More “Decisive” than Another

Images Copyright Vincent Versace 2008

By Vincent Versace

I was was taught since the tender age of seven, or should I say it was beaten into my extremely think head since the tender age of seven, that the background is every bit as important as the subject. That a great moment can be ruined by simply not paying attention the things that surround that moment visually. What makes this image work “better” in this gift of a moment from the Holy man I am photographing, is that the background is being provided by a fast moving bus. I saw the bus coming out of the corner of my eye. What I was thinking was I’m going to start shooting because things travel at the speed of life, but I’m going to do is say the  Photographer’s Prayer of “Oh please oh please  OOOOH PLEEEEASE…” and hope tha tall the moments hold for the bus to “happen” at the right moment. Just so you know I say that prayer a lot. I’ve made a career out praying.

In each instance, subject and I are connected, but in the images above the background takes something away from gift of the moment. What I’m suggesting you consider is this:

1) Pay attention to your background as much as you are paying attention to the “Decisive”moment.

2) Stay in tune with events that are happening outside the frame.

3) Use that awareness to your advantage.

4) Be willing to make a complete ass of your self if that is what it takes to get the shot.

5) That all images occur in the space between the subject and the photographer.

6) Remember to play and have fun, you are every bit “in the momment” as your subject is.

7) Learn how to pray while shooting.

images  captured with a Nikon D-700 and a 70-300mm VR lens at 1000 iso using the Nikon electronic file format (.Nef) Shot on Lexar 8 gigabyte UDMA Flash media. All files were post processed using capture NX 2.0 software.

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