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Jul 26 2010

Hollywood Lighting on a Laptop and Bokeh: The Science of Focus and the Art of Blur. Sponsored by Epson, OnOne, NIK, Lexar, and the X-Rite

Register for this event Monday, August 16, 2010  |  11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Speakers: Vincent Versace
Event Type: Photography, Software
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
A Week of Vincent Versace. The B&H Event Space is pleased to host a week long special visit by a modern digital master, Vincent Versace. Vincent will share a number of exciting topics that will invigorate your photography.

Hollywood Lighting on a Laptop and Bokeh: The Science of Focus and the Art of Blur.

Lens blur can be the most aesthetically pleasing quality of a photograph – if you know how to do it right. Vincent Versace will teach you how to achieve beautiful lens blur with onOne and Nik software so that your image realistically replicates the look and feel of bokeh. You will also learn additional post processing techniques that will allow you to light an image in the computer that looks like you used real theatrical hot lights. Come discover why focus is overrated, and how to make your photographs come alive by utilizing just a few key software plug-ins that can transform the way you edit your photos forever.

* Attendees will receive a fully registrable version of copy of the Focalpoint 2.0 plug-in from onOne Software and the Versace Edtion set of 3 plug-ins from Nik software that they will be able to download


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Feb 27 2010

NAPP Members Invited To Beta Test Next Version of Adobe Photoshop

From Scott Kelby’s blog Photoshopinsider


Now this is big!

Adobe has recently rolled out a special program to invite some members of NAPP (the National Association of Photoshop Professionals) to become private Beta testers of the next version of Adobe Photoshop, and start working with the future of Photoshop today.

Members who are invited to become Beta testers have to complete a non-disclosure agreement, and agree to abide by Adobe’s testing procedures (this isn’t a public beta, so Adobe is looking for your feedback and testing results).  We, at NAPP, put together a special video on what the requirements are to become an official beta tester, and the link to the video is in the invitation email, should you receive it.

If you’re a NAPP member, keep an eye on your email in-box sometime before Friday, as you may be invited to join the program (thousands of NAPP members around the world are being invited—just not all at one time, because of the large pool of eligible beta testers).

Once you’ve completed the forms and agreements, if you’re accepted into the testing program, Adobe will send you a notification email directly with further instructions, and how to download the software.

Thanks Adobe—we’re excited, and truly honored that you value the feedback and input of NAPP members enough to offer this first-of-its-kind private beta testing opportunity.

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Feb 04 2010

Announcing Mac Holbert and John Paul Caponigro’s New Tutorial DVD: FINE ART DIGITAL WORKFLOW

Fine Art Digital Workflow
with John Paul Caponigro and Mac Holbert.

Master Class Meets R/Evolution

When it come to fine art printing R. Mac Holbert along with Graham Nash started it all. If it was not for them fine art inkjet printing would not be what is today. Simply put Nash Editions is THE name in fine art printing and R. Mac Holbert is the talent behind that name.

And John Paul Caponigro? John Paul’s name is synonymous with fine art photography and the finest fine art prints possible.

Put these two talents together in one room sharing the combined wealth of there knowledge is a level of unimaginable creative amperage. The only thing better to being there is is to watch that meeting of minds recorded on a DVD.

Make sure you get the best quality from your files, every time with an optimal workflow.
A Fine Art Workflow is different than a high productivity workflow. You should be able to choose either one.

A Fine Art Workflow is precise. Process your files for optimum results.

A Fine Art Workflow is fast. Standardization can lead to higher quality.

A Fine Art Workflow is flexible. Know why and when to make exceptions.

A Fine Art Workflow is modifiable / non-destructive. When your vision evolves your files should be able to evolve with you – easily.

Learn all the ins and outs of a Fine Art Workflow in this content packed DVD.

Topics covered include…
The PrintWhat’s Workflow Major Retouching
A logical sequence of steps in production process
Removing distractions
So Different, So Much in Common Global Color Adjustment
Who we are
The big picture
Why The Print Is Still So Important Regional and Local Adjustment
It’s what we make and use
Important details
A Sense of Destination Creative Sharpening & Blurring
Look before you leap
Customizing contour and texture
File Structures Resampling
What a great file looks like
Making files smaller or bigger
Preflight Checklist Output Sharpening
Check your tools
Compensating for dot gain
Frame A Destination Softproofing & Proofing
Identify possibilites and make choices
Proof before you print
Non-Destructive Crop Output
Would you cut film with a pair of scissors ?
Print it
Minor Clean Up Materials Matter
Out spot! Out!
Why what you make prints with matters so much
Foundational Issues
A great base makes future greatness possible
And much more!

Projected shiping date February 25th

Pre order price is $59.95 with free Shipping and Handling!
Regular price is $69.95 once it ships

Click here to purchase

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Jan 14 2010

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 updated to v2.7.1

Nikon has released Camera Control Pro v2.7.1 for Mac and Windows. This update makes changes to the ISO Auto, Focus Tracking with Lock-On and Dynamic AF Area settings to bring the program into line with the options available within the D3 and D700 with the latest firmware installed.

links  for more information and to download:

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Nov 16 2009

The Blurb wedding album

Well it took only a week and the book arrived at the customer’s front door.
She is very pleased with the product and the quality of the paper, cover and the dust jacket.

Ann Marie & her book

Ann Marie & her book

I was very pleased that we were able to build her a book even from photos captured with their consumer grade pint and shoot cameras.
The images held up very well so I am really looking forward to building a book with high quality images from my new D3.

The whole process was easy and the quality is very good.  I was so impressed with the product from consumer grade camera photos that I am going to be taking photos from my whole family “I’m the oldest of eight kids and there are 15 grand kids” and creating a year in review for my folks for Christmas.

I will let you know how it all turned out.

Thanks to Blurb I am an official book publisher….  Ok well maybe just a book creator but so can you too.

Have fun with your images.

Mickey Strand

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Nov 04 2009

Check out the Videos We produced for Epson

The last few months have been busy for Acme Educational and Shout Softly Films, the production company that create all of the Acme DVDs. This is the latest project for us to be completed.

(Stay tuned we have two new DVDs from John Paul Caponigro and one with John Pau and MAc Holbert that are in edit and will be announced in for pre-order in the next few weeks!)

FOCAL POINTS - What the industry's leading professionals are saying about the Epson Stylus® Pro 900 Series printers with Epson UltraChrome® HDR Ink Technology

Bambi Cantrell

The Epson Stylus® Pro 7900 is perfect for Bambi Cantrell’s wedding and portrait photography. “With the UltraChrome HDR inks in the Stylus Pro 7900, skin tones are absolutely pristine,” she says. “They are creamy and rich, along with other colors that seemingly jump right off the paper. This printer and ink technology combined with the new Cold Press Bright Paper is spoiling me because my prints are so much more lifelike, colorful and three-dimensional.”

Many of Cantrell’s clients are women who appreciate the tactile quality of a fine art paper, “like images hanging in an art gallery. They aren’t just pictures. These prints have an elegant texture, giving the appearance of something being worth a great deal of money.”

Creating that value is Cantrell’s ultimate goal. “I want people to see that the product I deliver is very special. And in addition to the remarkable print quality, the 7900′s speed increases my productivity and allows me to sell larger and more profitable size prints up to 24 inches wide.”

John Paul Caponigro

John Paul Caponigro can still recall the first time he saw a print made with the Epson Stylus® Pro 9900. “I just stopped in my tracks,” he says. “The black was so black. It was incredible. The combination of the new TFP print head and the improved screening rendered incredibly fine details with smooth gradations. Continuous tone had truly become continuous.”

Those benefits are important to Caponigro, whose works are collected around the world. “The UltraChrome HDR ink set is able to reproduce extremely saturated colors the likes of which I’ve never seen before. A corollary to that is that they also produce the blackest blacks through Epson’s Advanced Black and White Photo mode. They’ve advanced my craft tremendously. I can make the very finest prints I’ve ever made.”

Caponigro describes his prints from the 9900 as being more impactful. “Some of the images I make are very subtle, but when I need that extra intensity, I can get there.”

And the 900 series printers are fast, which increases his productivity. “The versatility is wonderful. It can satisfy just about any vision.”

Douglas Dubler

Even before he made his first print on the Epson Stylus® Pro 9900, Douglas Dubler was certain his results would be first-rate. “As soon as I heard about the additional orange and green inks, I knew I was going to get better skin tone reproduction. In my world of fashion and beauty photography, it all starts with skin tones, and if the skin tone isn’t right, then the picture’s not right.”

Dubler says that the amazing print quality he is getting on the Epson Stylus Pro 9900 is due to the expanded color gamut of the UltraChrome HDR inks combined with the AccuPhoto™ HDR Screening. “I’m getting smoother tonal transitions, more accurate color and the best skin tones ever. I’m also getting detail in deep shadows and highlight areas that I never got with any other printer. Those are the ends of the ruler. Those are always the most difficult to print. Any printer can get the middle tones, but the 900 Series printers can print those mission-critical ends of the ruler.”

The 9900 has become an essential part of his creative process. “Printing in the analog world was, at best, a matter of making compromises. And in the beginning of ink jet printing, there was a very steep and sometimes frustrating learning curve, but now I am no longer fighting the technology. Technical limitations are no longer in my way and I’m making the finest color prints ever.”

Greg Gorman

For Greg Gorman, it’s all about a great B&W print. “I’ve always been a B&W shooter,” he says. “I see in black and white. It strips everything bare, but also leaves something for the imagination.”

Gorman says, “One of Epson’s greatest strengths is their devotion to photographers and photography. They really listen, and that it’s not always about the perfect histogram, but for me, producing B&W prints with the look and feel of silver gelatin. This leads to the Advanced Black and White Photo Mode, which in combination with Exhibiton Fiber Paper, is giving me those rich gutsy blacks with better quality than silver gelatin prints and unprecedented control”.

“With the 7900, I keep at my second home and the 9900 at my studio, I’m getting incredible accuracy and can print my B&W exhibitions on either printer with identical results plus increased speed. I’m also now seeing detail in my prints that I knew was always there in the file”.

“The print is most important thing that defines a career. The print quality I am getting with the 7900 and 9900 truly defines my legacy”.

Jay Maisel

Some photographers have been frustrated by the limitations of translating their vision into a matte surface print. No more. “With the Epson Stylus® Pro 9900 the gamut of colors is expanded,” says Jay Maisel. “In combination with Epson’s Hot Press Bright Paper it’s a totally different ballgame in terms of acuity, range of color and intensity. At the end of the day, I’m looking at my prints and telling myself, ‘I’m really getting it now.’ We don’t have to compromise anymore. It’s on the money.”

The 10-color UltraChrome HDR ink set incorporates green and orange, rendering saturated colors on paper that weren’t possible before, particularly on the matte paper that Maisel prefers. “I can look into the color without seeing the reflection of the room in back of me,” he adds. “I like the experiential process of printing with it. I like how it feels.”

“Prints are a very personal thing and not entirely logical. There’s the vision of what you see, and if you’re realistic, you never quite get the color you saw originally in most prints. It was a matter of making compromises. The nice thing with the 9900 is I’m no longer making those compromises.”

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, whose 1984 “Afghan girl” has been called “one the most recognized photographs” in the history of photography, has seen this image printed with just about every photographic and reprographic process through the years. Today he says that only the Epson Stylus® Pro 9900 has reproduced the iconic image as he remembers it.

“The hope or the goal when I make a print is that it be as close as possible to what I saw when I made the picture,” he says. “With the 9900, we’ve actually achieved that with the printer’s remarkable clarity. The 9900 produces wonderful color. The brilliance and sharpness of the image simply exceeds my expectations.”

“Making a print that one is proud to sign is the goal of a photographer’s career,” he says. “If you’re working with the best cameras and lenses, you need to be working with the best printers. Prints are so important because they’re the ultimate expression in photography. Without question, the 9900 is allowing me to produce my ultimate expressions.”

Jeff Schewe

“For me, it’s always been about the print,” says Jeff Schewe, a technological luminary in the world of digital photography. “But for a long time it was about how much information a high resolution digital back could capture, vs. how much of that data the printer could output. The fact that the Epson 900 series printers can render all the image detail in the original capture means that photographers no longer have to compromise technically and can now focus on the esthetics of the print.”

An early advocate of shooting RAW, working in 16 bit and using the Pro Photo RGB color space, he says, “The technology in the Epson 900 series printers is a major leap forward. With the orange and green inks in the UltraChrome HDR ink set, I’m able to print colors that are in my original captures that I was not able to print before.”

Widely regarded as an expert in digital image sharpening, he notes, “The advanced math used with the AccuPhoto™ HDR screening in conjunction with the precision of the TFP print head allows for more detail and remarkable control in the proper sharpening of a print.”

Jeff Schewe ( 3 min, 50 sec)
Steve McCurry ( 3 min, 02 sec)
Jay Maisel ( 2 min, 43 sec)
Greg Gorman ( 3 min, 32 sec)
Douglas Dubler ( 4 min, 10 sec)
John Paul Caponigro ( 4 min, 44 sec)
Bambi Cantrell ( 2 min, 21 sec )

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Artist CreditsCopyright © 2000-2009 Epson America, Inc.

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Oct 30 2009

Books by Blurb

I have a friend who had a few hundred photos from their wedding and his wife wanted to put together a photo album of all these photos.  While visiting with them I suggested we use the book making software from Blurb at 

blurb_logo_small Blurb BookSmart® is free, easy to use bookmaking software. Quickly import pictures and text into professionally designed book templates and page layouts — or drag and drop your content into fully customizable pages and layouts for a look that’s all your own.

I suggested this software for its easy of use and cost to the wife.  I had played whit the software in making a book for my Mom and Dads 40th wedding anniversary but had not completed a weeding album.   Only wanting to make one book,  the book we put together will cost them less then $100 dollars for a 40 page 13×13 hard bound dust jacketed book.

From the Blurb web site:

Features Overview

Free and Easy to Use Software
  • Cross-platform
  • Drag and drop images and text
  • Intuitive layout tools
  • Easy image management
Professionally Designed Layouts and Styles
  • “Guide Me” feature to help get you going
  • Starter layouts and themes
  • Backgrounds, borders and ornaments
  • Customizable, savable layouts

Import Photos, Blogs and More
  • Slurp your photos
  • Slurp your blog
  • iPhoto integration

Other Blurb web Site Resources

Getting Started with BookSmart 2.5

His wife and I put the basic book together “including screening all images down” placing images in and editing pages” in just over 4 hours.  I don’t remember clearly the last time I was able to crank a wedding album out in 4 hours.  The only thing we have left to do is to add a few chunks of text “the vows, etc…” and publish or upload and pay for the book.

I will update this post after we have complete the task and the book is in her hands, but as of today I’m sold.

For printing a single or limited number of books on a budget you have my vote Blurb.

Chief Mickey

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Oct 22 2009

NiK Software Announces Viveza 2

Introducing Viveza® 2: Forever Change
the Way You Edit Images

Nik Software is proud to announce the new Viveza 2, the upgrade to our powerful multi award-winning tool for mastering control of color and light without the need to create complicated selections or layer masks. Powered by Nik Software’s patented U Point® technology, the new Viveza 2 allows photographers of any skill level to quickly enhance their images using innovative tools designed for speed and efficiency.

From precise selective enhancements using U Point powered Control Points to adjustments that enhance the entire image, Viveza 2 will forever change the way you edit your photos allowing you spend more time shooting photographs. Available December, 2009.

Viveza 2 Features

  • U Point powered color control points for precise, selective photo editing
  • New global image adjustments, including levels & curves, make Viveza 2 the only tool needed to enhance color and tonality in a photograph
  • New structure control provides fine detail and texture enhancements
  • New shadow recovery control provides high quality lightening of shadows that can be applied either selectively or to the entire image
  • Improved color control points with better interaction, color rendering, and precision of selections
  • Improved timesaving user interface including easier-to-grab slider controls, slider favorites, multiple zoom states, keyboard nudging, and multiple undo levels
  • New copy & paste command enables quick duplication of control points for more complex image enhancements
  • New favorite sliders definition to provide a more streamlined interface
  • New 64-bit compatibility with 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system mean the software can access more RAM for working on larger files
  • New built-in interactive help and online video tutorials provide free training to ensure users get the most out of the software
Price and Availability

Viveza 2 will be available in December 2009 at retail price of $199.95. Upgrades will cost $99.95. Anyone purchasing Viveza 1.0 after September 22, 2009 will be eligible to receive a FREE upgrade to Viveza 2.

If you have any questions, contact Nik Software Customer Service at 888.284.4085
(Intl. 619.725.3150), M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm, PST.

Thank you for being a Nik software customer!
The Nik Software Team

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Aug 25 2009

onOne Software’s DSLR Camera Remote 1.1 Which Works With Nikon Cameras is Now Available in Apple’s App Store

By Vincent Versace
onOne Software’s Version 1.1 of DSLR Camera Remote for iPhone and iPod touch is now available for purchase and download in Apple’s App Store. The latest version of the remote camera control application is now for both Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras is a free update if you own either  v1.0 of the Lite or Professional versions.

To run this application you will also need the Mac/Windows companion software, DSLR Camera Remote Server 1.1, which is now available. This is very important: Version 1.0 of the server software is not compatible with v1.1 of DSLR Camera Remote, so you need to load v1.1 of the server software when you u install the updated app.

This  release of DSLR Camera Remote and DSLR Camera Remote Server adds support for Nikon digital SLRs (in addition to Canon), improved RAW+JPEG handling, burst shooting, and a really whizz bang Auto Bracketing feature, the Fire button is also way more responsive.
On the scale of 1 to 10 on the VinnieV’s must have software this one is an 11.

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Jun 29 2009

Vincent Versace Teaches at the Long Island Photo Workshop

Monday Thru Thursday

August 3-6, 2009

Long Island Photo Workshop

Be sure to check our website for more information, updates and online registration. Visit For more information, Please contact the Director, Jerry Small at (516)221-4058 or email us at:

This year’s workshop will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel in Smithtown, Long Island, New York “Everything under one roof” “Lunch is included every day!”

We are very proud and excited to announce our lineup of 6 highly talented instructors for this year:

Vincent Versace II -Return to Oz – A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography – Join Vincent for a week of eye opening enlightenment as he broadens your horizons in digital photography. Anybody who knows Vincent knows this is a class not to be missed. For more information on Vincent, please visit his website:

Special offer to all students who attend my Long Island Workshop. You will also get a signed 13×19 black and white print and Acme DVDS of all of the lessons we cover in class!! Over 300.00 worth of tutorial DVDs and 500.00 worth of art!!!

Fay Sirkis -Paint Like A Master! - Using Photoshop and the latest version of Corel Painter, learn to transform your images into paintings that replicate the former Masters of our time. Oils like Rembrandt , Impressionism like Monet, Photo realism like Norman Rockwell and even Cubism like Cezanne and Picasso ! Computer Required for this classHanson Fong -Mastering The Techniques-How To Be a Complete Photographer - Hanson will share his techniques that apply to both portrait and wedding photography. He will demonstrate the 10 classic pose techniques that he pioneered, which will allow you to handle any body types. Hanson will help you analyze different body sizes resulting in a proportional balance to each other. Lighting and metering techniques will also be covered. Photograph under any lighting conditions, indoors and outdoors -any place, anytime.

Gary Small -Professional Photoshop CS4 – From the Beginning -Using the latest version of Photoshop, Gary will teach you all the pro techniques to get you working on a production level with ease. Because Photoshop CS4 was recently released, and is a radically different interface, Gary decided it’s time to start from the ground up. This is a Perfect opportunity for anybody who has not yet taken the plunge, or for those who have played around with Photoshop and want to learn the most efficient, professional way to use it. Computer Required for this class.

Dave Black -Light Is The Greatest Influence -This four day course will center around light and how the photographer can best use it to define a subject and capture the viewer’s attention. We will be making use of several avenues of lighting including off camera flash, sport strobes and lightpainting in an effort to communicate to the photographer that Light is the Greatest Influence. To learn more about this worldreknowned photographer with over a quarter century of experience, please visit his website at

Janice Wendt -Professional Polish -Ever wonder how these top, edgy photographers are getting these awesome looking digital images? Don’t you want your images to look that good? Janice Wendt, Nik Software’s leading authority and ambassador, reveals the secrets and how easily creativity through subtle image enhancements can be made, while saving the most valuable commodity we all share, “TIME”! Janice has fine-tuned her craft over the years and has a fool-proof way of getting the most out of every image. Computer Required for this class.

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